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"... Every week of following his instructions I saw gradual improvements in my game. By the end of the sessions I regained my motivation back, started getting make outs, as well as beginning to get opportunities to take girls home with me." - Ryan 29, Pharmacist 

"...Ricky not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He doesn't just tell you what you to do, he does it right in front of you. Seeing a pro in action is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of taking his boot camp...At the end of the night, I had the phone number of a very beautiful girl and a new sense of confidence in my game." - Thomas 26,  Senior Software Engineer

"...After the bootcamp, my game improved massively, I was able to easily make out with girls and almost pull in that same night. The exercises that Ricky had me do were unique to me level and mindset...." - Jon 32, Chiropractor/ Business Owner 

About Ricky Royal


Congratulate yourself.


Reading this means you’re ready to become the confident, bad ass guy that women obsess over. You’re ready to set yourself to a higher standard, have razor sharp social skills and be that charming guy who sleeps and dates with the women he chooses.


One problem…


You can’t make yourself go talk to that sizzling hot girl at the bar, you don’t know what to say and the anxiety of thinking about how you're going to have to sexually escalate things if you want to get her turned on makes you overwhelmingly doubt yourself as a man.


That’s where Ricky comes in.


Known as the dating scene’s “Dirty Little Secret” for massive success with women.


His clients can’t stop talking about the results they are getting.


"Before Project Attraction I always struggled with being “stuck in my head” and not knowing exactly what to say or do. That quickly changed once I started their training, they taught me the fundamentals of self-confidence and being a grounded man. They valued action over results, and the results quickly followed. I learned that thus was  more than just pickup, it was a way of life and a journey to becoming the Ultimate you. I could honestly say I wouldn’t have the level of…emotional and dating success I have if it wasn’t for Project Attraction.” - Tim Batey 25, Real Estate Agent 


“Ricky has helped me not only with pickup, but with making the hardest relationship choice I’ve ever faced. He’s also given advice on developing inner qualities that help with not just girls, but enjoying life." - Devin 32, 5th Grade Teacher


His coaching methods are shocking, unorthodox and highly effective.


Whether you're a shy guy that wants to learn how to talk to women, you just went through a gut-wrenching breakup or you want to be a baller that crushes it in the dating field by dating a fuck ton of awesome girls, he can help.


Ricky Burnett is the Founder of Project Attraction.


From Divorced Dorky Nerd With Zero Confidence To Elite Dating & Lifestyle Coach...


A few years back Ricky went through an excruciating divorce where he found himself thrown back into the dating field with a shattered confidence, zero self-esteem and no idea of how to attract women.Though traumatic at the time, what Ricky didn't realize was that this was a blessing in disguise.


He knew he had to figure out this whole dating thing out.


Thus his journey began….




He learned everything he could on how to ignite a burning attraction inside women, develop self-confidence and possess influential social skills.

Without blinking an eye he boldly went out and tested these methods until he developed an advanced system that leads to massive results with women and built him a reputation as the “go-to” attraction specialist.


Rising through the ranks and getting unheard of success with women he now sets his sights on something much larger than his own personal success.


Obsession turned to passion when Ricky decided to help other men through the struggles of becoming attractive which lead him to his life goal and purpose.


To build a team of High Caliber Men who offer value to the world, date beautiful women and live life on their terms.


The guys that have joined Team Project Attraction whose dating lives have massively benefitted live by 3 powerful mantras that get them massive results with women and in life.


#1 “Those who hustle become a cut above the rest.”


#2 “Be the most charismatic guy in the room.”


#3 “Develop the confidence to go for what you truly want.”


These 3 mantras are why women love the men on Team PA.


Whether you take a boot camp with him, sign up for one on one coaching or get one of his training products. Ricky want’s to empower you to push past your fears, doubts and worries and give you the skills you need to date the sexy, intelligent, passionate, kind of girls you deserve. Deep down we both know there's a badass in you.




Are you ready to let him out?


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